The SHIBA CLUB OF GREATER NY establishes the CODE OF ETHICS, which states the minimum responsibilities and practices that shall be maintained by all of the members of this organization.

As a member of the Shiba Club of Greater New York I will:

Agree to follow the regulations as set forth by the American Kennel Club as they pertain to my purebred dog operations.

Agree to abide by and uphold the principals of the Constitution and By-Laws and Code Of Ethics of the Shiba Club of Greater New York.

As a breeder, furnish with each puppy or adult Shiba a signed registration application and a 3 generation pedigee.

As a breeder, furnish with any Shiba sold a certificate stating that the dog in question is in good health.

Maintain the best possible standard of health and care in all of my dogs and see that puppies are immunized and checked for parasites. I will furnish complete health records, care, feeding and grooming instructions with each puppy sold.

Sell all Shibas not desirable for breeding on spay/neuter contracts or with limited registration.

Refuse to knowingly sell dogs to wholesalers, retailers, puppy mills, dog fighters or any other where there is reason to suspect that the Shiba will not receive proper care or may be used in any way detrimental to the breed or to the dog itself.

Establish a reputation of trust and honor among my fellow club members and all interested parties.

Adhere to ethical breeding practices, striving to achieve the maximum ideal of the breed.

In my breeding program keep alert and work to control and/or eradicate inherited problems and conditions that are particular to my breed, and breed as closely as possible to the standard of the Shiba.

Represent my dogs as honestly as possible to prospective buyers and try to assist the serious novice in their understanding of the breed.

Try at all times to show good sportsmanship and keep in mind that the good of the breed comes before any personal benefits.

Refrain from deceptive or erroneous advertising.

Not knowingly falsify and records, pedigrees, or registrations and acknowledge that if so proven I will have my membership privileges revoked.