The Shiba Club of Greater New York had its beginnings in 1992. Pat Hartman, founding member of our Club, was approached by Mike Canalizo, Chair of the Garden Specialty Association shows, with the suggestion that she put together a Shiba Club and join his group for a Specialty on the Pier in 1994.
Pat agreed and proceeded to put an ad in the Match Show Bulletin to see if she could gain interest in founding such a Club, which garnered only one response. That one and only initial response came from an individual with a pet store Shiba, but an individual who was willing to help form a club.
With no other additional interest expressed in forming the Club by any other individuals, Pat thought the idea of founding the Shiba Club of Greater New York would just die, before it was even given the chance to be born. However, in the early Spring of 1993, she went to a match show and another individual approached her stating that his Mother had a rescue Shiba and would be interested in meeting others with Shibas. Pat contacted her and arrangements were made to meet her at an upcoming match in May of that year.
Now with three individuals expressing interest in founding a Shiba Inu Club, another meeting was held and it was agreed that additional people needed to be recruited to launch the Shiba club. The recruitment process of additional members through various friends and connections began with the resulting founding Members and Officers of the Shiba Club of New York being launched. 

Our First Specialty

With the above-named diverse founding membership, we put on our first Regional Specialty in February 1994 on the Pier in NYC, with Pat Harman serving as the Show Chair. Judge Robert Berndt was the breed judge. Leslie Ann Engen achieved the BOB win at this historical Specialty..
At this point our Club began to grow and incorporated in N Y as a 501(c)7. The base of operations for the Club at that point in time was New Hyde Park N Y. Although our President, Bob Montheard, did not have Shibas he remained in that position of President for a couple of years and worked diligently for the cause of the Club. Mary King now stepped into the position of Secretary of the Club. Carlotta Dennie became our first new member. A few of our founding members that were primarily from other breeds eventually drifted away from the Club but should be remembered and applauded as they were implemental and instrumental in our beginnings and launching our Club. The membership of our Club changed as it grew with new Shiba people joining us to bring us to the Club that we now have today; a small core of hardworking members who put the Shiba Inu first and foremost.
History as told by Pat Hartman, Founder, the Shiba Club of Greater New York, to Linda Walawander. Authored by Linda Walawander.

The Founding Members and Officers:

Bob Montheard: President (Alaskan Malamute breeder)
Pat Hartman: Vice President (Akitas & Shibas)
Lori Weiss: Secretary (Dobermans)
Beth Olsen: Treasurer (Akitas)
Gail Schwartz: Board (Samoyed)
Barbara Sklar: Member (Shiba)
Mary King: Member (Shiba)