Shiba Club of Greater New York's Involvement in Rescue

If you won't rescue, don't breed. That is the belief of every member of SCGNY. Each breeder in SCGNY strives to achieve the maximum ideal of the breed and sells any Shiba not desirable for breeding on a spay/neuter contract and/or with limited registration.
Unfortunately, there are people who don't follow those ethics and don't take responsibility for the puppies they sell. Many of those Shibas end up in shelters, not only needing to be rescued, but often in need of basic training and socialization before being adopted into new homes. Reputable breeders care, not only for their own dogs, but also for these "castoff" Shibas that need assistance. Every member of SCGNY has been, or is currently, involved with rescue. We conduct home visits, evaluations, transports, make donations, refer potential adopters to rescue groups, and even foster and train rescued Shibas.
The Shiba Club of Greater New York has a close relationship with NYC Shiba Rescue, Inc.